Virtual Business Card - no typing contact exchange

Get a Virtual Business Card (VBC) and connect with prospects instantly.

Imagine someone getting your contact information simply by tapping their phone on your business card!

That's why we call this VBC Magic...

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Most of the time at networking events, we give away a lot of typical business cards and then hope that someone contacts us. But with a Virtual Business Card, we create not only the coolest business card in the room but a landing page with your contact information including calls to action so that the prospects take the next step (not sure what that should be? We can help you out with that too).

Get a MAGIC Virtual Business Card

We create a business card programmed so that when connections tap their phone to your virtual business card, they get a link to download your contact info onto their phone... Easy Peasy!

No more typing card details when you should be networking or having your card go on a heap of other cards.

Virtual Business Card Web Page/Hosting

You need a business card that also has a  web page with not only your contact info but links to other key calls to action. Things like booking an appointment, watching a webinar, downloading a guide, or following you on social media.

Optional Call-to-Action Nurture

The easiest way to grow your business is to get your prospects on a list and then nurture them to become customers. Our unique Text and or Email Marketing Service AUTOMATES this process for you and makes it easy. Convert prospects to leads and customers.

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Your business card works just like a tap to pay or a hotel card key! Just like you tap your phone to pay, or hold the hotel keycard to the room lock, your virtual business card just needs to be tapped by a smartphone, and voila your contact link pops up on your contacts phone.

Carry a single business card, one that is the coolest in the room, and one that makes you stand out at your next networking event. Contact us now to get your Virtual Business Card today1

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